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Inheritance laws for property in Pakistan

Though it is a sad reality and no one wants to part with their loved ones, yet death is inevitable and everyone has to face it sooner or later. One such issue that is raised many times is that of inheritance. Deceased people have certain assets that need to be taken care of in their absence. People have legal heirs that become the owners of that property after they are departed from this world. There are different ways through which property can be distributed among the rightful heirs of the departed person. The main component that decides the outcome of the property owned by the deceased commercial properties for rent in Islamabad of that person. In case of absence of a will, there are laws that give protection to the heirs regarding the property owned by their loved ones.


Pakistan is a country in which there is no mention of the inheritance rights in the constitution. However, there are some laws that give some protection to the legal heirs of the property. As Pakistan is a country based on Islamic law, one should be aware of what that particular law says. Islamic law gives protection to the rights of blood relations and states that property should be distributed among them. The assets that one person has can be divided into two parts i.e movable and immovable. Moveable assets include cash, stocks, bonds, and bank deposits while immovable assets include land, property, and vehicle.


Two laws that protect the rights of the legal heirs are also present in Pakistan. When the question of inheritance is raised, the people claiming to be heirs should have three documents which are death certificate which is issued by the proper authority of that area, a certificate that proves succession of the heirs which is issued by the law governing body, and a notice that is provided by the local graveyard where the body of the deceased is buried. These documents play a vital role when it comes to the claim on property by the valid heirs of the deceased person.


The certificate of succession allows the heirs to claim rights to the property of the deceased. The other documents are used to fill the required forms to complete the process of handing over the property to the heirs. In case house for sale in Rawalpindi absence of a will, the heirship certificate shall provide the necessary evidence for the authorities to rule in favor of the person in ownership of the certificate. If more than one persons have the heirship certificate, then the matter is handled by the court to find the best way out.


The property of any person who has left the world without a proper will shall be under the control of the province. Many people in Pakistan are unaware of property and inheritance rights and resort to hiring lawyers to get property rights. Many times, female members like the sisters and daughters of the deceased, surrender their rights to inheritance, according to experts. 


The major component that plays a part in the right of inheritance is the last will of the deceased person. The will is a legal document and property should be distributed according to what is written in the will. If more than one-third of the entire property is given to a non-blood relative, then the rightful heirs can take the matter to court. 


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